BMW X6 Tuning

Custom BMW X6 showcased by Project Kahn

British is best. Not really, since they don’t make BMW models, but that’s another story. Tuning from the brits isn’t so bad though.

The guys at Project Kahn are actually infamous for the way they only do some aesthetic tweaks of the SUVs that roam around London’s high street.

Project Kahn BMW X6
Project Kahn BMW X6

With vast experience in Range Rovers and other trendy bruisers, why not have a look at the very public presence of the X6?

Not only did they change the car they’d work on, the British tuner also went about normal business in a different manner. This time they’re showcasing the interior first.

Black, carbon leather and Alcantara seem to overwhelm the interior of the Bavarian beast in remarkably fine quality, the likes of which not even BMW would manage.

Project Kahn BMW X6
Project Kahn BMW X6

The customization work also extends to the dials, as swell as some Kahn specific custom tweaks. Usually, they say they can do anything the buyer wants to the interior and show us what’s outside.

Judging by what we see here, their claims seem legitimate. The exterior on the other hand is very familiar. They’r own enormous alloys are ever present and as striking as ever.

A new body kit is fitted which tends to just about every panel on the car and it is then covered in some special blue paint that’s about as glossy as some of the magazines covering such cars.

Project Kahn BMW X6
Project Kahn BMW X6

Finishing everything off is done with a set of black accents on the radiator grille, the side-view mirrors and the window tints.


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