BMW 6 Series Tuning

E63 BMW 6 Series is converted into CLP MR 600 GT-S

Surprises are still out there. After quite a while of covering the tuning industry, particularly those companies that have BMW products on their lists, you can still find surprising stuff.

Wouldn’t you want to know how it turned up? Where did it come from and what’s the point of tuning a BMW 6 Series of the E63 generation like this?

CLP MR 600 GT-S E63 BMW 6 Series
CLP MR 600 GT-S E63 BMW 6 Series

I would, but since that’s a little tricky, it’s easier to appreciate the way this product has turned up. German tuner CLP changed the look of the 6 Series quite substantially.

Their CLP MR 600 GT-S is available for both the coupe and convertible version of the previous generation BMW 6 Series.
They’ve chosen the E63 Coupe to showcase it.

Mainly, they’ve opted for an aero package which seems quite intriguing. Some of its lines do flow beautifully and that’s annoying.

CLP MR 600 GT-S E63 BMW 6 Series
CLP MR 600 GT-S E63 BMW 6 Series

It’s mostly annoying because the German tuner decided to use a new front bumper that’s been used in the M3 before. The E92 makes a good job of looking good and its front end feels at home in the 6 Series.

Despite this, something in there feels wrong, doesn’t it?

Thankfully, the vented side skirts, restyled new boot lid and rear skirt with integrated diffuser, are all bespoke for this package.

The final piece of this unusual jigsaw is the set of 20 inch Diamond Blue Hope alloy wheels. There’s an unusual practicality side to these rollers as they’ve got stainless steel rims.

Have you gotten yourself combined yet?

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