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E90 BMW M3 by EAS and 3D Design

European Auto Source, or EAS, have come up with a new collaboration to produce yet another awesomely customized E90 BMW M3.

The Californian tuner is serving up a cup of Deja Vu, not only in the way they’ve gone round to coming up with this car but as well as in the way they’ve made the photo gallery afterwards.

EAS 3D Design E90 BMW M3
EAS 3D Design E90 BMW M3

Looking at them back to back you have to think, are they that tightly wound in their PR department or is their photographer really lacking imagination?

Thankfully, there’s plenty of imagination in the engineering department and from the guys at 3D Design. The body kit they set up here is on the Goldie Locks setting.

It comes in just about right regardless of the BMW you put it on since there’s nothing ostentatious about it. At the same time it manages to stand out and feel special.

EAS 3D Design E90 BMW M3
EAS 3D Design E90 BMW M3

Just like the action under the bonnet. A VT2-600 Supercharger with liquid inter-cooling system is fitted, making for a smooth ans comfy power delivery as you’d expect from a cruising BMW.

Once you floor this M3 however you’ll have around 600 horsepower to play with, which does make a difference. Akrapovic gets some of that credit thanks to their Evolution Titanium package.

When it comes to taming all those ponies you’ll be calling upon Brembo 380mm six-piston brakes at the front and four-piston ones for the back.

EAS 3D Design E90 BMW M3
EAS 3D Design E90 BMW M3

In between the acceleration and braking, you’ll probably rely on the KW Club Sport coilover system and the Michelin Pilot Supersport tires.

As seen on GTSpirit

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