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E92 BMW M3 supercharged by VF Engineering

VF Engineering is a name that’s very familiar to the tuning world. Whenever a tuner wants to get some extra grunt from an engine without compromising smoothness, they’re the guys they call.

The company is renown for using superchargers to obtain more power from their cars while still maintaining a nice beautiful delivery.

E92 BMW M3 by VF Engineering
E92 BMW M3 by VF Engineering

If its smoothness you’re interested in, it has to be a BMW you’re looking at and there’s a good chance at the aging M3 is the likely candidate.

As everybody waits for the F30 to amaze us, there’s a lot of people interested in getting more more and torque out of the E92’s engine.

VF offer a variety of kits but the one they’re announcing today is the VF540 Streetsport package. This is the reasonable price option, the one that provides more power but doesn’t force any major work on the car.

E92 BMW M3 by VF Engineering
E92 BMW M3 by VF Engineering

You do get an ECU remap and there’s even some work being done to the throttle but overall we’re looking at a bolt on type of upgrade.

It may be in an unpleasant category but the final result takes the power of the M3 up from 420 horsepower and 295 lb/ft of torque to 540 horsepower and 370 lb/ft of torque.

More than a reasonable gain that obviously come with a loss of some fuel economy levels. At the same time you’re watching that, there’s a loss of $8.295 from your account to get the thing in the first place.

E92 BMW M3 by VF Engineering
E92 BMW M3 by VF Engineering

Money well spent, it’s likely given you a car that has more performance in a straight line than the upcoming M3.


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