BMW 6 Series Tuning

F12 BMW 650i shown off by Vossen Wheels

Vossen wheels dont seem to want to give their marketing department a break. They just won’t let us have a week go by without something from them.

This time things are really dramatic, they’ve chosen to showcase their own alloys using the F12 BMW 6 Series and this time there’s no other tuner involved.

Vossen Wheels F12 BMW 6 Series
Vossen Wheels F12 BMW 6 Series

To further captivate viewers (or distract them from the standard bimmer) the alloy wheel specialist decided to shoot the video in Miami.

While we’ve brought up distractions. What on Earth is that… less than good looking Infiniti crossover doing showing up in the beginning?

No idea but I’m willing to let it go since the rest of the video is all about the beauty of the car and the scenery around it.

It’s a pretty interesting place to film and it often looks as if the 6 Series is improving it every time. The wheels help too.

They’re titled Vossen VVS-CV1. They’re also fitted in at 22 inches but there’s a slightly wider setup for the rear, after all, that’s where the power goes. Eventually it’s a 22×9 versus 22×10.5 arrangement.

Vossen wheels make a big deal about the way they’ve crafted these rollers and even went as far as to tell us that the lip is made from machined stainless steel and finished in Matte Silver.

Vossen Wheels F12 BMW 6 Series
Vossen Wheels F12 BMW 6 Series

There’s no denying that these wheels look good, it’s just that the video is so fascinating I’ve let myself get away thinking about the F12 BMW 650i and the Miami backdrop.

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