BMW Z8 Tuning

G-Power E82 BMW Z8

What’s the only car you can think of that’s modern, not really a collector item yet has never lost any of its value? If you answered with anything other than BMW Z8, you’ve failed the test.

The Z8 is one of the finest bits of nostalgia lane for most Bavarian built product enthusiasts and, if we’re honest, there’s not too much reason for that to happen.

G-Power BMW Z8
G-Power BMW Z8

As plenty of reviewers pointed out over time, the car is quite flawed. The complaints were mostly related to the handling and plenty of them can be overcome.

There’s a very good reason for doing so, the car is very beautiful and it still features some of the best looking styling cues ever used in a car.

Then you lift the bonnet and find the great racing derived engine that was lifted from under the bonnet of the E39 BMW M5. That engine gets a bit of work from G-Power.

G-Power BMW Z8
G-Power BMW Z8

It’s not a lot, it’s just two packages and one comes with 415 horsepower whereas the other comes with slightly more at 888 horses.

Yep, more than double the power. Obviously G-Power fitted some serious upgrades for the suspension, brakes, wheels and tires and did a bit of aerodynamics to keep up with that.

Could this car ever get meaner? If James Bond’s biggest villain held a convention for all the other ones, there would definitely be such a car in the parking lot.

G-Power BMW Z8
G-Power BMW Z8

G-Power usually overdo their power gains but for the Z8 the 888 horsepower figure seems about right. It’s still crazy but it does fit the risk levels of poor handling brilliantly.

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