BMW X6M Tuning

It’s time for a Blue Chrome BMW X6 M

Who on earth cares? I mean really now, is there anybody out there who looks at a bulging, rumbling BMW X6 and say they’re not impressed?

What if we’re talking about an M Division powered one, a sports activity coupe that can actually run some sports cars off the road?

Blue Chrome BMW X6 M
Blue Chrome BMW X6 M

Is somebody actually going to not notice a car like this? Allegedly, these people do exist and I do think they’re mostly from Russia.

No matter what people do out there we seem to only get the news of the way they drive horribly bad or the way they tune their cars in incredibly opulent manner.

This model, created by a Russian tuner from Volga called RE-Styling, seems like quite a bit of work. If this is included in their portfolio we might not want to see more from them.

Blue Chrome BMW X6 M
Blue Chrome BMW X6 M

Most of the body of the BMW X6 M was covered in a new shade of paint which picks up on the factory’s Monte Carlo Blue finish.

They then chromed it up and made for one of the most retina burning and shiniest bits of road going technology we’ve seen around here.

And let’s not forget the new set of alloy wheels. I’d usually use the video game reference for this one but there’s even boy racers out there with go faster stripes that wouldn’t use them.

Blue Chrome BMW X6 M
Blue Chrome BMW X6 M

Really, the only acceptable bits here are the //M colored radiator grille and the slightly two-toned presence generated by the bonnet and trunk.


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