BMW M3 Tuning

Mode Carbon tunes another E92 BMW M3

Mode Carbon wants a piece of the market. Who cares if they turn up to the game late and who cares if they chose a car that’s nearing its end in production.

Who cares if the E92 BMW M3 has been tuned in so many ways it’s getting hard to find two alike these days? There’s still room for options (or upgrades), so why stop them?

E92 BMW M3 by Mode Carbon
E92 BMW M3 by Mode Carbon

They call this version Snow White. For some, it’s a bit of a fairy tale. For some it’s actually a fantasy involving seven dwarfs.

For a tuned BMW, things appear to be quite pure when Mode Carbon is the one that has the final editing decision. It’s not a bad book that you end up with.

Like it’s darkened brethren, the Snow White E92 receives a new body kit.

E92 BMW M3 by Mode Carbon
E92 BMW M3 by Mode Carbon

Aerodynamics is the goal and the means used imply some in-house built panels as well as Vorsteiner borrowed accessories.

Once the combination is complete, things look surprisingly BMW-like and are a reminder of the GTS version that’s missing that massive rear wing.

Under the bonnet, things are equally restrained. There’s an ECU upgrade from Dinan and a set of RPi airscoops. Just as before, no figures are quoted.

E92 BMW M3 by Mode Carbon
E92 BMW M3 by Mode Carbon

Also as before, the suspension package comes from KW and it makes sure that those Michelin Pilot Super Sport tires are firmly stuck to the ground.

Small bites is what Mode Carbon is doing and it seems that their digestion of the entry into the BMW tuning world is going well.

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