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Remember – AC Schnitzer ACS4 E85 BMW Z4

We didn’t forget you. We know you’re there and we know that you can’t afford to get a new E89 BMW Z4 roadster, let alone manage the costs of tuning it.

If you have managed to get yourself an older generation E85 model and you still have some money lying around to spare, you can easily get some serious bang for your buck.

AC Schnitzer ACS4  E85 BMW Z4
AC Schnitzer ACS4 E85 BMW Z4

There are quite a few modifications you can do for yourself but there’s also some packages you can get from seriously big names in the industry.

It wasn’t so long ago that German tuner AC Schnitzer were making their ACS4 kit for the E85 BMW Z4 and they weren’t very expensive.

Prices ranged depending on what you wanted to do, they would even make parts for the somewhat rarer coupe version of your car.

AC Schnitzer ACS4  E85 BMW Z4
AC Schnitzer ACS4 E85 BMW Z4

In terms of performance, there’s not much to consider. The ACS4 kit only comes with a 3.91 : 1 rear axle ratio and some aero tweaks.

The ratio change improves acceleration at the detriment of top speed whereas the aerodynamics only really work at the higher end.

Perhaps you should focus on the aesthetic bits for your E85 BMW Z4 and think about stuff like wheel and tire setups rather than anything else.

AC Schnitzer ACS4  E85 BMW Z4
AC Schnitzer ACS4 E85 BMW Z4

You can have 20 inch alloy wheels, performance tires and, if you really feel like it, a set of upgraded brakes. These are very difficult to justify when there’s no added performance and you’re on a budget.

Either way, an AC Schnitzer BMW will still have presence when it comes to rolling around town, not race tracks.


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