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SR Auto Group creates Molten Grey F10 BMW M5

Whenever something is supposed to be Molten, you don’t really expect it to be grey, or a car, or something that’s from Bavaria.

SR Auto Group’s idea to name their newest F10 BMW M5 the Motel Grey edition may sound stupid but it does make sense when you look into it.

SR Auto Group F10 BMW M5
SR Auto Group F10 BMW M5

The F10 M5 does this brilliantly, it’s got itself a hot lava level of performance and yet it comes with a very cool exterior look.

When covered by SR Auto Group tuning, the cool bit is even more accentuated as the Canadian tuner focused on the aesthetics of the matter.

We’re guessing they’re the sort of guys who consider a 4.4 liter twin-turbocharged V8 with 560 horsepower and 502 lb-ft of torque sufficient.

SR Auto Group F10 BMW M5
SR Auto Group F10 BMW M5

I do think about the same, but I just couldn’t get round to thinking there’s such a thing as too much power in a car when there’s still mods you can use to keep things under control.

Moving on, SR Auto Group want us to notice the 21 inch PUR Two Monoblock multi-spoke wheels, their Matte Black finish and the attention to detail in their building.

Truth be told, those are amazing rollers. With the blue M Performance calipers behind them they look even better.

SR Auto Group F10 BMW M5
SR Auto Group F10 BMW M5

It is a bit of a shame to see that SR Auto Group went for a murdered out finish. Everything turns black, even the windows and that’s great.

The only problem is that plenty of detail seems to have been lost from that cool image. The car is starting to look hot enough to attract the cops.


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