BMW M5 Tuning

Studie AG tuning F10 BMW M5

The Japanese seem to be getting in on that whole idea the Internet has about Asian ability to micro-manage and multi-task.

Well, the Asians working for Studie AG certainly seem to be in on the sport. They’re currently working on an F30 328i project car and they’re also taking on something more impressive.

Studie AG F10 BMW M5
Studie AG F10 BMW M5

Not the bigger brother, the bigger, better, faster brother that is the F10 BMW M5. The recipe hasn’t changed too much in between.

The exterior doesn’t get too many mods and there seems to be a lot of options in the alloy wheel department. Maybe they’re probing the field or maybe the want to offer the lot.

The important thing about the new wheels is that they’re all stunning. 20 or 21 inch rollers always have a presence to show off but it’s the selection Studie have is among the best.

Studie AG F10 BMW M5
Studie AG F10 BMW M5

Maybe the fact that big names in the business such as Advan and AC Schnitzer are involved. The latter is also the company making the new body kit tweaks.

Under the Frozen Silver paintjob that is specific for the F10 M5 the sharpened lines feel right at home. New wheels and lines are highlighted by the lowered suspension as well.

Unlike the F30, the F10 BMW M5 gets a KW Clubsports setup which offers mostly the same effect in terms of looks but feels better in terms of performance.

Studie AG F10 BMW M5
Studie AG F10 BMW M5

After all, if the 328i allows for a few compromises here and there, a super sports sedan is much more focused than that.


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