BMW 3 Series Tuning

Studie Tuning F30 BMW 3 Series

Studie AG, sounds familiar. It isn’t though since this bunch of Japs isn’t really out to get famous. They just want nicer cars.

There are good and bad sides to this equation. First of all you can’t really get in touch with them since they seem to have an website made out of alien drawings.

Studie AG F30 BMW 328i
Studie AG F30 BMW 328i

As if that wasn’t enough, they’re named like a German company, which is quite easily going to fall victim to confusion and other such problems.

Regardless of these tiny little niggles that would never stop a true petrolhead from getting the toys he wants, the F30 3 Series is actually pretty impressive.

It’s one of those “greatest hits” version of the F30 BMW 3 Series as it gets a bunch of upgrades from various manufacturers of good sounding names.

Studie AG F30 BMW 328i
Studie AG F30 BMW 328i

The rollers are 20 inch Hamann Anniversary EVO wheels or 20 inch limited edition BBS LM, both in a sharp looking black.

Whichever you chose they will be fitted with a set of lowered H&R springs and they’ll even allow you to have the M Sport package without any fuss.

What isn’t very impressive is the fact that the tuner went for the F30 328i. No tuner should ever pick the entry-level version in my mind.

Studie AG F30 BMW 328i
Studie AG F30 BMW 328i

Due to the pricing of cars in Japan, their upkeep and the fact that this package was designed with cost in mind, it seems that Studie AG have a better understanding of their market.

They probably don’t have the same sort of pointless preconceptions that I do.


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