BMW 5 Series Tuning

E60 BMW 5 Series by Prior Design

Prior Design have a reasonable amount of experience around BMW vehicles, particularly the older generation models such as the E60.

In today’s piece we’ll be looking at one of their widebody setups, one that’s custom tailored around the previous gen 5 Series.

Prior Design E60 BMW 5 Series
Prior Design E60 BMW 5 Series

As usual with such conversions, there have been replacements made to the front and rear bumpers, the front fenders are wider and there are rear wheel arch extensions.

So what makes this version of a wide body 5 Series stand out from the crowd? That’s a tricky one, if you’re standing in a crowd of 5 Series wide body kits.

Even so, the Prior Design widebody for the E60 toots its own horn with build quality. Apart from being assembled like a… well, BMW, it is made with top notch materials.

Prior Design E60 BMW 5 Series
Prior Design E60 BMW 5 Series

The core material used in this car is something described by the German tuner as high quality Dura-Flex FRP. We’re guessing it’s some sort of clever plastic.

Wouldn’t want to go too much into the details as speaking to a German who can pronounce something like that would probably be suicide by boredom.

Prior Design’s wide body kit also receives a vented bonnet, complete with power dome and M3 hints all around and a new boot lid spoiler.

Prior Design E60 BMW 5 Series
Prior Design E60 BMW 5 Series

It’s a discrete one, just in case somebody doesn’t spot the body kit setup you used.

Frankly, there is a bit of a chance of that happening since the paint finish chosen here is very business like and the alloy wheels though they are black, they seem restrained.

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