BMW M3 Tuning

E93 BMW M3 by K3 Projekt Wheels

Here’s something quite special, for all the BMW M3 tune-ups we’ve seen so far not that many have anything to do with this particular type.

The E9x series has had its share of mods and tweaks but it’s usually the E90 sedan or the E92 coupe that got the glory and attention.

K3 Projekt Wheels E93 BMW M3
K3 Projekt Wheels E93 BMW M3

On this occasion it’s the E93 version that grabs center stage, meaning we’re looking at the convertible version of the glorious M3.

K3 Projekt Wheels is the tuning company which came up with this one and, perhaps predictably, they’ve tweaked just about everything around a single item.

Unfortunately, it is not the engine. It’s actually the new 20 inch wheel set of light alloys the M3 gets all around.

K3 Projekt Wheels E93 BMW M3
K3 Projekt Wheels E93 BMW M3

Variations do occur between the frond the rear as the exact dimensions come in at 20×9 front and 20×11 rear with tires similarly proportioned.

Tires wrapped around these wheels come from an unnamed manufacturer which probably specializes in bikninis since they’re so small and interesting.

The actual setup calls for 245/30/20 at the front and 285/25/20 at the rear. Wheels and tires aside, making the car look even better with these modifications is a new suspension setup.

K3 Projekt Wheels E93 BMW M3
K3 Projekt Wheels E93 BMW M3

A KW coilover package was employed in order to lower the car and make it look as sporty as possible but that didn’t really cut it.

It was only after the bumper kit went on that K3 Projekt Wheels got the desired effect. Again, nothing confirmed on who made the bumpers.


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