BMW 7 Series Tuning

F01 Alpina B7 driven by MotorTrend

Though I’m kind of disappointed not to have had a go in one of these amazing F01 Alpina B7 tuned 7 Series, it is interesting to see in a video.

MotorTrend’s Carlos Lago took to the track and road behind the wheel of the big sedan to find out what’s what. The result is mixed.

F01 Alpina B7
F01 Alpina B7

As you’ll get to find out by watching the clip, he liked the car but it’s not really a flat out victory, more of a managed success.

The well known car reviewer starts out at the track and gives us what we really want to see. It’s a F01 Alpina B7 version of the BMW 750i going sideways.

That’ll likely be something that absolutely nobody would want to do with their own car. Not because it’s not fun but because who’d buy an enormous limo for drifting purposes?

Anyway, MT’s man had his share of fun and delight in the confined environment of speed and general unusual behavior.

When he takes things the B7 to the road, things start to shake. We’d all expect it to be incredible on the road and fine on the track.

Remarkably, it seems that things are edging the other way around. The drive is just as pleasant and you can have nearly as much fun with it but you do feel something about the car in a more obvious way.

F01 Alpina B7
F01 Alpina B7

The weight figure which comes in at well over two tones can’t be ignored. At the track, the clever tech does manage to compensate for it.

On the open road, the need for extra comfort seems to give it away. Still, I’d love to have one, particularly in this color.

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