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F20 BMW M135i gets revised by AC Schnitzer

AC Schnitzer’s lineup comes even closer to catching up to the BMW lineup by adding the M135i version of the F20 BMW 1 Series to its list of masterpieces.

Due to be properly unveiled at the fast approaching Essen Motor Show. The German event is, if you will, a more mature version of SEMA.

F20 BMW M135i by AC Schnitzer
F20 BMW M135i by AC Schnitzer

It’s not as big, as fast or as flash and we’re all thankful for it. AC Schnitzer will have quite a display there but we like to think this is one of the highlights.

The F20 BMW M135i they used for this package had the M Performance package installed before they began so it was already a rare vehicle.

Its engine 3.0 liter twin turbocharged engine used to develop 320 horsepower and 332 lb-ft of torque, before it received a few tweaks and was bumped up to 360 horses.

F20 BMW M135i by AC Schnitzer
F20 BMW M135i by AC Schnitzer

40 extra horsepower is something one always welcomes but AC Schnitzer have kept their sensible trousers on and have managed the upgrade without affecting the CO2 emissions.

The new engine is teamed to an equally improved suspension which includes a a custom suspension spring kit. The alloy wheels are also different which can range up to 20 inches.

The latter doesn’t sound so sensible. Thankfully, the interior is modified discretely enough that it won’t be annoying.

F20 BMW M135i by AC Schnitzer
F20 BMW M135i by AC Schnitzer

Due to some aluminium inserts, custom velour floor mats, leather patches here and there you get that AC Schnitzer feel inside the car as well as under the bonnet.

Color choice for the display model isn’t the best option ever. In fact it does seem to be a bit of a SEMA sort of choice.

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