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G-Power F12 BMW M6 previewed

German power-crazed (aren’t they all?) tuner G-Power has just announced that they’re catching up to the situation within the BMW lineup.

They’ve got a long list of bimmers under their tuning belt but the newer ones don’t seem to have made it into the business.

G-Power F12 BMW M6
G-Power F12 BMW M6

In hoping to catch up with the times, G-Power is previwing the package they are cooking up for the F12 BMW M6.

Not surprisingly, the engine remains the same as the standard car. Whereas the standard setup has 560 horsepower and 502 lb-ft of torque, things are different now.

By using Bi-Tronik III software and the same exhaust system they put into their F10 M5 tune-up. The result is the same as well since it now produes 640 horsepower and 574 lb-ft of torque.

G-Power F12 BMW M6
G-Power F12 BMW M6

The acceleration change should be there but G-Power haven’t included it in the changes. The 0 to 62 time might be somewhat similar given the great chance of wheel spin, but the rest of the runs should be significantly quicker.

We do expect that the infamous acceleration time will be somewhere below the 4 second mark whereas the top speed is said to be 193 mph.

G-Power’s coilover suspension kit and a set of 21 inch Silverstone RS alloy wheels with new tires are included in the package.

G-Power F12 BMW M6
G-Power F12 BMW M6

Customers who’d like to pound their M6 all the way are advised to opt for their ceramic brakes package for all that track work stress.

Overall, it’s nice new toy but I’m confronted by something unusual for G-Power cars. It feels like the F12 BMW M6 could do with more power.

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