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Hamann officially unveils F12 BMW 6 Series M Sport pack

Loving German built high end coupes is one thing. Loving them painted in sober colors is quite another and loving tuning is completely outrageous.

You need to keep a sense of reality, you need to be aware of yourself and get your priorities sorted. It is not socially acceptable to mix such ideas.

Hamann F12 BMW 6 Series
Hamann F12 BMW 6 Series

But what if you chose to not give a damn about society? You had what you want in trade for friends, approval of colleagues and tires which aren’t flat every time you park.

Quite the conundrum but if you’re faced with it, you’re very likely to end up contacting Hamann Motorsport to sort you out. They’ve officially unveiled a new package almost custom designed for you.

Actually it is custom designed but it is specifically tailored to your, less than natural needs. The F12 BMW 6 Series, M Sport included, gets a bit of a touch up.

Hamann F12 BMW 6 Series
Hamann F12 BMW 6 Series

The lower body kit is redesigned as an addon package for both bumpers and the side skirts. A small boot lid spoiler is also fitted.

Further highlighting the fact that you’re outside “the law” are the new 20 or 21 inch sized alloy wheels. Their multi-spoke design is stunning from whatever angle you admire it.

The new suspension which implies a 30 mm drop in ride height might also help that aspect. Inside the car Hamann chose carbon fibre for the dashboard, handles and console, aluminium for the pedals and velour for the floor mats.

Hamann F12 BMW 6 Series
Hamann F12 BMW 6 Series

Pricing I’m afraid is not available yet. Even though the package is quite a good looking one, there’s not really that much work gone into it so costs should be “decent”.

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