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Manhart Racing F10 BMW M5 becomes official

Manhart Racing have made sure we all get to find out about the work they plan to put into an F10 BMW M5. After being unveiled already, it now seems to be all ready and official.

Interestingly, lots of changes have occurred, so the new exterior appearance is actually justified. Since it also looks great, it’s a welcome one anyway.

F10 BMW M5 by Manhart Racing
F10 BMW M5 by Manhart Racing

On the technical nature however, things as as familiar as before, all of the performance details remaining the same as initially announced.

The S63Tu powerplant remains the star under the bonnet. It would be a little foolish to go for any engine swap but the performance was actually enhanced by quite a bit.

Depending on how much you want to have at your right foot’s disposal or how much you want to spend on a Manhart Racing M5, you get different power outputs.

F10 BMW M5 by Manhart Racing
F10 BMW M5 by Manhart Racing

The 4.4 liter twin-turbocharged V8 engine can be tweaked from 560 horsepower to one of three packages but in this particular case it is 646 horsepower and 570 pound-feet of torque.

That’s enough to hit a top speed of 196 mph, now that the limiter was removed. Staying on the road if you hit a bump at those speeds is tricky.

That’s when you’ll be relying on the fully adjustable MHR by KW Clubsport chassis frame to do its job. The body’s aero kit generates more downforce, but it’s not enough for such conditions.

F10 BMW M5 by Manhart Racing
F10 BMW M5 by Manhart Racing

All this amazing work goes into the Manhart Racing F10 BMW M5 yet what I’m focused on is how great the MHR08 Deep Concave 21 inch alloy wheels by ADV.1 is what I’m focused on.

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