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SEMA 2012: E63 BMW 650i by DUB Garage

SEMA is always a place where contrasts meet. Since it’s a customization show you get to see some amazing stuff as well as some awful stuff there.

From what we’ve getting so far from the 2012 edition, none of the BMW models that have been prepped for the event are in the second category.

DUB Garage E63 BMW 650i
DUB Garage E63 BMW 650i

We’ve already seen the amazing F10 BMW M5 project from the guys at IND getting ready for the show and now we get to hear from a huge name in tuning.

Feast your eyes on the black diamond of the DUB Garage booth outside the Las Vegas show that seems to be dominating the talk of the automotive industry.

They had quite the setup to consider but bit we’re interested in is a E63 BMW 650i Coupe. This is a considerably straight forward setup.

DUB Garage E63 BMW 650i
DUB Garage E63 BMW 650i

Get a black painted car that’s already impressive looking, murder it out with smoked lights and tinted windows and then fit an ostentatious set of wheels.

I’d love to estimate the size of the new alloys (as it wasn’t officially included in the release) but I sit and ponder, what on Earth is the point.

They seem to have absolutely no take in the way the tires fit around them. We’ve seen rubber bands on pickle jars that took less of a strain.

DUB Garage E63 BMW 650i
DUB Garage E63 BMW 650i

It’ll probably be completely useless in terms of usage in the real world but who’d use them out there? A car like this is used for shows and maybe one short cruise on a completely flat boulevard.

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