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SEMA 2012: Vorsteiner GTRS5 E92 BMW M3 Coupe

American bodywork specialist Vorsteiner Tuning couldn’t have missed the opportunity to showoff their work at the SEMA show this year.

Basically, no self respecting tuner or manufacturer could miss out on it, which is why Vorsteiner showcased the most important piece of craftsmanship on their list.

Vorsteiner GTRS5 E92 BMW M5
Vorsteiner GTRS5 E92 BMW M3

With that in mind, it’s no surprise to see them opt for the Vorsteiner GTRS5 package they developed for the E92 BMW M3 Coupe.

It’s a widebody kit we’ve actually covered before that brings full racing car aero body work to the E92 Coupe that you use on the road.

The paint job and the oversized alloy wheels may be a tad too much for anybody to take a car like this serious as a racer but the floors or SEMA are built on stuff like this.

Vorsteiner GTRS5 E92 BMW M5
Vorsteiner GTRS5 E92 BMW M3

If we’re to really sync our talk on the alloy wheels, there are some positive points to the discussion. For starters, they’re very light units.

Aside from minimizing the un-sprung weight, the wheels are the perfect mounting space for some seriously high performance tires.

Speaking of which, Vorsteiner don’t really offer any actual mechanical improvements for the situation under the bonnet.

Vorsteiner GTRS5 E92 BMW M3
Vorsteiner GTRS5 E92 BMW M3

Since they offer a new wide body kit, there is a lot more room for such mods and we all know this website is full of possible options on that front.

The only thing that’s making me curious about this Vorsteiner GTRS5 E92 BMW M3 Coupe they’ve showcased at SEMA is why is Giovanna written on the side?


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