BMW M5 Tuning

Ultimate Aero does the F10 BMW M5

Ultimate Aero, Ultimate Aero, Ultimate Aero… I know that sounds familiar from some place. Oh yeah, that’s the name of a car that gave the Bugatti Veyron a punch.

The American car was one bad ass piece of engineering and the company that’s making it was so thrilled at its success that they’re making an amazing follow-up.

Ultimate Aero F10 BMW M5
Ultimate Aero F10 BMW M5

So then, what’s Ultimate Aero in our story and what on Earth could the hypercar maker have to do with the idea of tuning a BMW?

Nothing really. While the name of the product SSC are famous for is the same as the American tuning company’s that’s been tuning the F10 BMW M5, the two have nothing in common.

These Ultimate Aero guys are not bothered about the extreme speed and performance aspects that only video games would allow for.

Ultimate Aero F10 BMW M5
Ultimate Aero F10 BMW M5

They seem to be more interested in the eye candy aspect. They’ve just focused on the looks of this M5 and put it on the spot, just like us.

We’re on the spot because we don’t have any information on how the actual exterior color was achieved here. It could be a multi-layered clear coat effect or simply custom wrap.

Either way, the exterior of the Ultimate Aero F10 BMW M5 looks as if black was painted in liquid glass and has Need For Speed worthy reflections.

Ultimate Aero F10 BMW M5
Ultimate Aero F10 BMW M5

Once that’s done with, they tend to paint some other details in black such as the wheels, the grilles, the side vents, the window tints and the exhaust tips.


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