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Unicate Germany unveils E6x BMW 650i

Unicate Germany isn’t the most popular name in the world but that’s not putting us off from taking a look at the way they’ve kitted out the E6x versions of the 650i.

It’s a striking sort of thing, the likes of which you wouldn’t really expect to see from a German tuner. This is something you’d actually see in their porn.

Unicate Germany E6x BMW 650i
Unicate Germany E6x BMW 650i

Perversion jokes aside, we hear Unicate Germany is actually a division of a well more respected company from the fatherland, namely MEC Design.

There’s something about the car that just can’t be ignored and that’s the chrome wrap it has been given which is, well, pink.

Before we start panicking, that is a customer request, not something the guys at Unicate Germany don’t really advertise for their product.

Unicate Germany E6x BMW 650i
Unicate Germany E6x BMW 650i

They want to appreciate the more substantial changes they’ve implemented. This is where they want us to appreciate ConDeni Ultimo 22 inch alloy wheels.

Those massive rollers are, unbelievably, wrapped in rubber which comes in the following dimensions 255/30/22. Due to the outrageous changes, some adaptations were needed.

A couple sets of spacers were used, 25 mm at the front and 40 mm at the rear. This probably compromises handling, but who cares about it when you’ve got this much bling?

Unicate Germany E6x BMW 650i
Unicate Germany E6x BMW 650i

We don’t approve of ruining a BMW’s drive for new wheels and nor do we encourage the changes to the exhaust system purely for the note.

In this case the 650i receives a four-pipe system with black chrome exhaust tips which are bound to be a lot louder than standard.


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