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E90 BMW 335i gets EAS upgrades

When you want a BMW it’s only natural that you want yourself a proper engine for it. Unless you’re a poser who got the 1.6 liter, you own the N55 3.0 liter.

Fitted to the E90 BMW 335i, this powerplant developes a smudge over 300 horsepower. What are you to do though, when that doesn’t become enough?

EAS E90 BMW 335i
EAS E90 BMW 335i

If the budget allows you to replace the car, you could go for a new F30 335i, but if it doesn’t, all is not lost since there’s plenty of tuning kits for it.

European Auto Source, also known as EAS, have produced a new one, a package which seems to be perfect as it doesn’t compromise anything.

EAS will serve up the 3.0 liter twin-turbocharged powerplant with a new AFE intake, 3.5 inch catless downpipe from Burger Motorsports and JB4 Tune Stage 2.

EAS E90 BMW 335i
EAS E90 BMW 335i

Summing them up, is quite spectacular since without any tampering with the turbos to create lag or similar problems you get extra power.

According to EAS, the gains amount to no less than 44 horsepower and 75 Nm of torque, at the rear wheels. That’s an increase of 15%, something you’d definitely feel beneath your right foot.

Making things even better for the budget concerned buyer, EAS have made a video to show us just how easy it is to fit the new package.

The wonders of bolt on have often been criticized, but in this case it’s really difficult to do so. This is one recommended bit that should be in any BMW 335i wanting for power.

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