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E92 BMW M3 gets new package from G-Power

Germany and its obsession with powerful cars stands out once again. Thanks to the courtesy of G-Power, the E92 BMW M3 receives a bit of a package.

Meant to showoff how much the E92 could be improved upon just as its soon to become a “second hand available only” model, the “Sporty Drive TU” makes it feel much fresher.

G-Power E92 BMW M3
G-Power E92 BMW M3

In some aspects, it might actually turn the car into something better than the M3’s upcoming replacement. As the Bavarians will need to look at fuel economy, G-Power do not.

Without such an annoyance, or even that of the entire carbon emissions rating, G-Power really turned the bolts up on the 4.0 liter V8 engine by fitting a supercharger.

If it’s merely the entry-level SK I supercharger system you’re opting for, things are alright. It’s going to be fitted with a modified air intake and a larger air filter and an output of 520 horsepower.

G-Power E92 BMW M3
G-Power E92 BMW M3

The ASA T1-523 supercharger package is included in the SKII kit and bumps performance up to 580 horsepower. What really makes things interesting is the SK II CS pack.

It features a custom ECU and an additional fuel pump to turn the E92 BMW M3’s V8 into a 610 horsepower vehicle. I know plenty of cars produce more than that, but how many can genuinely use them?

Helping you with that, the guys at G-Power fit a GM3-RS coil-over suspension system, 20 inch alloy wheels and Michelin tires.

G-Power E92 BMW M3
G-Power E92 BMW M3

Whichever option you’re going to want on your E92, it will cost about as much as some second hand E9x models with plenty of miles on them.

The cheapest package starts at 11.500 euros.

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