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F10 BMW M5 gets Agency Power bits

America gets back on the front line of the tuning companies that are taking their shot at making a different version of the F10 BMW M5.

The spearhead of the new attack is assigned to the Agency Power division. They’re a pack of lightly armored carbon fiber enthusiasts.

F10 BMW M5 by Agency Power
F10 BMW M5 by Agency Power

That’s where the tuning skill really comes into its stride as the Arizona based company is not very appreciative of “heavy” body panels.

BMW already use a cocktail of materials in attempts to make sufficient parts of the car lighter in chase of that ideal 50/50 weight distribution.

Agency Power opts for a carbon fiber bonnet, a replacement trunk made out of the same lightweight material as is the small and discrete rear spoiler.

F10 BMW M5 by Agency Power
F10 BMW M5 by Agency Power

Meanwhile, the lower end of the body receives a bit of extra attention as the front lip and the rear diffuser are now made out of, well, you know…

Agency Power treat their material with quite a bit of attention. They claim to use the 2×2 carbon fiber weave and then cover it in a nice and simple clear coat.

They’ve also fitted a custom set of 22 inch alloy wheels of unknown origins and laid out a reasonable business plan.

F10 BMW M5 by Agency Power
F10 BMW M5 by Agency Power

You can have one of two bonnet models and you can purchase the carbon fiber bits individually. If you do purchase them as a kit, you get a good rate.

The F10 BMW M5 will easily get decked out in Agency Power bits for only $3.985, wheels not included.

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