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F10 BMW M5 RZ officially unveiled by RevoZport

RevoZport are working through the holidays this year. The Hong Kong based tuning company is making an exception from the usual time off and such to deliver a new package.

We’re thankfull they went the extra mile since the new car they’re unveiling is based around one of the hottest and our favorite vehicle out there, the F10 BMW M5.

F10 BMW M5 by RevoZport
F10 BMW M5 by RevoZport

They’ve created an aerodynamic kit which is said to offer comprehensive improvements while still retaining a rather sedate and discrete presence the BMW brand has been associated with.

To this end we see the RevoZport package continue where the OEM body kit left off. Six new pieces have been added and they all have a few things in common.

They’re all relatively small, contributing to the non-obvious factor. They’re also made from the same material, which is carbon fiber.

F10 BMW M5 by RevoZport
F10 BMW M5 by RevoZport

This means they weigh next to nothing, so don’t distract from the crucial distrubtion of masses the F10 BMW M5 enjoys. It also makes them a tad immature but, again, diminutive sizes help.

There is something not really flattering about the RevoZport F10 BMW M5 RZ. As an aerodynamic body kit with a six piece construction, some of these aren’t the most relevant ones out there.

I would easily accept the following as part of the set: front splitter, adjustable rear diffuser, trunk lip spoiler and mirror covers.

F10 BMW M5 by RevoZport
F10 BMW M5 by RevoZport

As far as the carbon front grill and the carbon fender grills, I’m not very convinced about their potential aero gains.


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