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F13 BMW M6 goes custom with HRE

Sometimes the tuning trends do get annoying. While BMW did in fact release the F13 version of the M6 a bit of a while back, it’s still a rare car.

In fact, I’d be willing to bet you have a much higher chance at seeing something like a Ferrari 458 Italia, than one of the new M6 convertibles.

F13 BMW M6  with HRE wheels
F13 BMW M6 with HRE wheels

Either way, people who are tuning enthusiasts want to make it look as if it’s their own car and that everybody knows it as soon as they have it delivered.

I’m not a big fan of this trend. This is mostly because recently released cars rarely get proper kits made up since tuning companies don’t have the time.

Even if they do have the kit ready in time, it can still often feel like money spent too early to matter for too little an effect.

F13 BMW M6  with HRE wheels
F13 BMW M6 with HRE wheels

What I do encourage people who buy a new car and want it to feel a bit distinctive is that they opt for a brand new set of wheels.

Alloys almost always improve the look of a car and they come with the added factor of availability. You can get some off the shelves or order ones to be made shortly without too much fuss.

You only have to be away from your car for a few minutes while they’re fitted, instead of hours or maybe even days in the case of extensive kits.

F13 BMW M6  with HRE wheels
F13 BMW M6 with HRE wheels

Which is what this car is showing off, a set of HRE S107 wheels painted in gloss charcoal.


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