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Risden Engineering readying F12 BMW M6

Risden Engineering is a company that’s always on the front page. What front page is yet to be determined, but truth is, these guys have just come up onto my radar.

That’s a decision I made having hard that their newest project car is none other than the F12 BMW M6. They’re cooking up a massive makeover too.

Risden Engineering F12 BMW M6
Risden Engineering F12 BMW M6

It’s really something to be interested in. This is because the tune-up is based around the track. As the BMW 6 Series is traditionally a GT car, how does this mix-up?

Is the Bavarian swimmer ready to become a sprinter? Can he change athletic disciplines this easily? I’m not sure.

Thankfully, I’m not an engineer or decision maker with tuning companies so my close mind will not affect such ideas permanently.

Risden Engineering F12 BMW M6
Risden Engineering F12 BMW M6

The engine remains untouched, just as the transmission is expected to. What Risden specialize in is lightness, aero work, stiffness and anything that helps track times drop.

To that extent, we can already see the bodywork receiving some changeover in search of downforce. Extra vents will offer better cooling and air pressure management all around.

Again, no detail is offered regarding the way this car is connected to the ground. It’f fairly obvious that new wheels go on with racing slicks.

Risden Engineering F12 BMW M6
Risden Engineering F12 BMW M6

We can’t spot any brake upgrades but the stance of the Risden Engineering F12 BMW M6 is definitely hinting at a completely remade suspension system.

Higher up the car we can spot a roll cage being fitted and that the rear windows were replaced, possibly living the same as the rest of the glass.

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