BMW 5 Series Tuning

BMW 5 Series M Sport by Japan Skipper unveiled in Tokyo

So I hear this company created a new package for the BMW 5 Series M Sport. It’s the current F10 model so we might as well take a second look.

This company is called Japan Skipper and it’s starting to get pretty hard to figure out where it’s based at or where it’s originating from.

Skipper Japan F10 BMW 523i
Skipper Japan F10 BMW 523i

All jokes aside, the Japanese tuner came up with a pretty acceptable package for one of our favorite cars. There really is nothing to give it away.

It’s not really a riced up, overly exaggerated-trinket-loaded machine that would actually create the perfect scenario for some bad jokes.

It’s also not a completely murdered out vehicle that would be of any use to, erm, associations such as the Yakuza and whoever their rivals competitors might be.

Skipper Japan F10 BMW 523i
Skipper Japan F10 BMW 523i

In fact, this particular 5 Series Japan Skipper tuned wouldn’t be fitting for any criminal organization. While it comes with the M Sport package, the engine isn’t the biggest one around.

Being based of the F10 BMW 523i, it comes with power from a 2.0 liter turbocharged four-cylinder engine which burns gasoline to the tune of 185 horsepower.

Given the new enormous, forged alloy wheels and the Nitto tires it was fitted with, we’d assume this Bavarian blooded sedan was actually developed for going very slow.

Skipper Japan F10 BMW 523i
Skipper Japan F10 BMW 523i

Going fast is a cliche and the Japanese don’t really bill themselves as major fans of high speed runs. That is unless of course you own a tuned car.

Which isn’t what a 5 Series from Japan Skipper is, it’s more of a tweaked machine, really.


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