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Custom E92 BMW M3 up for sale

As BMW enthusiasts go, V8 powered E92 M3s are well and high ranking in terms of favoritism among the crowds. People speak of six cylinders at times but there’s certainly an appreciation for the extra grunt.

Now that we’ve brought this question to attention why not go for a V10? Like the one Dinan or Hamann fit in there, but maybe one that’s a little more interesting.

Custom E92 BMW M3 V10
Custom E92 BMW M3 V10

In this case, the E60 BMW M5s S85 5.0 liter V10 was chosen. Trust me on this, it actually gets better since that engine got a few tweaks.

It got bored or stroked or maybe both and it was now pumped up to 5.8 liters in order to produce “over 610” horsepower from a naturally aspirated engine.

The chassis and suspension have been worked over in order to compensate for the new mass distribution and for the increased width.

Custom E92 BMW M3 V10
Custom E92 BMW M3 V10

Speaking of which, the new widebody kit is a well thought out package which looks great, helps the stance of the car and is made entirely out of carbon fiber.

The alloys, though larger than stock, still provide enough tire thread for a high performance setup. The owner promises great road holding from a car with a top speed of 215 mph.

Really, really hard to find something unpleasant about this car but there’s always time to make fun of the interior. I’m afraid that’s not the case.

Custom E92 BMW M3 V10
Custom E92 BMW M3 V10

It’s not the most desirable color in there but the entire upholstery has been redone to Rolls Royce levels. Damn, could this be the perfect car?

It might, if it were mine, as it is listed for 199.000 things stop looking flawless.

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