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Prior Design showcases PDM1 kit for E82 BMW 1 Series

This new announcement is probably best talked about as the chaps at Top Gear would put it: “Good news!”.

It’s coming from Prior Design and it’s about making your E82 BMW 1 Series look that little bit cooler and faster by virtue of a body kit.

E82 BMW 1 Series PDM1 kit
E82 BMW 1 Series PDM1 kit

With this one, your run of the mill 1 Series Coupe can look like the sort of thing the M division produces to some of the best acclaim they got in history.

A new package is called PDM1, it is compatible with both E82 Coupe and E88 Convertible versions of the previous versions of the 1 Series.

We’ve seen bits of this conversion used by Prior Design for varying other projects but now it’s up on stage all on its own.

E82 BMW 1 Series PDM1 kit
E82 BMW 1 Series PDM1 kit

Well maybe the awesome new alloy wheels get some sexy attention as well, but genuinely, the body kit is the big deal.

It’s now easily on offer. It’s made out of DURA-FLEX and PU-RIM almost entirely which keeps the good looking bits away from costing too much.

The whole thing costs no more than 3000 euros in Germany. In case you feel like spending a bit more, there’s an optional trunk spoiler which costs 300 €.

E82 BMW 1 Series PDM1 kit
E82 BMW 1 Series PDM1 kit

Those amounts include the mounting material costs and fitting charges that are normally hidden from view with lots of tuning companies.

If I had one of these cars, I’d definitely not resist spending that money on getting the BMW 1 Series M Coupe. I would wish Prior Design would ban people with diesel engines from getting one.

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