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Stunning F10 BMW M5 on Modulare Wheels

Going through Modulare Wheels’ catalog, like any normal person does these days, we find some brilliant examples of cars wearing their products.

The range is quite wide and it’s loaded with all sorts of vehicles trying on these new custom tailored alloy shoes. The one that really caught my eye is an F10 BMW M5.

F10 BMW M5 on Modulare
F10 BMW M5 on Modulare

It did so because it’s riding on some nice wheels but also because of the chosen paint scheme and a few interesting tweaks to be found in the details.

Let’s start with the original temptation of the vehicle, the new alloys. These are 20 inch B18 wheels with a matte black finish.

All that magnificent craftsmanship is beautifully protected from the nasty tarmac by a set of Michelin PS2 tires, as the M5 gets when it leaves the factory.

F10 BMW M5 on Modulare
F10 BMW M5 on Modulare

If the wheels are striking, they’re nothing compared to the candy red paint covering the body of this car. That’s not a BMW color and surely lots of people will hate it but I can’t understand how.

This version of the M5 was clearly customized by an owner with a passion for cars, as well as the Bavarian brand and not some yobbo.

He also chose to get some performance upgrades. We don’t have a complete file on the car but there’s a really nice shot in there.

F10 BMW M5 on Modulare
F10 BMW M5 on Modulare

It includes the Akrapovic exhaust package that has made so many race cars fast and so many road cars sound brilliant. That should more than make up for the silence of the standard car anyway.

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