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A cooler BMW thanks to Forge Motorsport

And no, it’s not about looks. Our friends from Forge Motorsport launched a new intercooler upgrade.

This mount-it-yourself intercooler will fit on any BMW 135 that uses a single turbo N55 engine. It is beautifully handcrafted and it does a great job.

BMW 135 Inercooler
BMW 135 Inercooler

Although larger than the standard one, it fits easily on the factory mount points, with just an hour or two of work in your own garage.

Performance-wise, after extensive testing, it returned a 30 degrees Celsius decrease in core temperature. This was done by careful planning and development, a correct construction type and, of course, the use of high grade alloys.

Beside the obvious benefit of the temperature reduction, the intercooler from Forge Motorsport will also reduces pressure loss across the core, giving a better combustion process and thus improving performance.

You also get detailed instructions on how to install it, making this an easy home project for your Bimmer. So go out there and make your ride cooler.

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