BMW Z4 Tuning

E85 BMW Z4 from China

When it comes to the car industry, China has always been a bit weird. From the outright copies of famous European cars and outlandish tuned vehicles, we have seen it all.

Or at least we thought we did, until these pictures have surfaced.

E85 BMW Z4
E85 BMW Z4

This spotted E85 BMW Z4 has been spotted (pardon the pun) on the streets of Beijing and it really puts other projects into perspective. If you thought metallic pink BMWs were the worst, think again, as the bar has again been lowered.

E85 BMW Z4
E85 BMW Z4

Whatever possessed him / her to butcher a perfectly good bimmer is beyond me. The pink wheels and grille go along just fine with the leopard spots pattern, all painting a vivid picture of kitsch and lechery. This project is so insane, that I expect a porn star or a pimp to step out of it at any moment. And to think I was complaining about seeing too many tuned BMW M3.

To whoever owns this abominable E85 BMW Z4, please undo the damage. P.S. Is that a ticket on the screen wipers?

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