BMW M5 Tuning

Eurocharged boosts the F10 M5

For a premium sedan, the BMW F10 M5 is quite powerful in its own, but as many speed freaks might think, there is always room for more power.

And the guys from Eurocharged obliged. They delivered the crowd what they wanted. More power.

BMW F10 M5
BMW F10 M5

So, for those out there owning a BMW F10 M5 with the S63 4.4 liter Twin Turbo V8, there is a possibility to increase the output. And that is done by a new software. For just 1.999 dollars, they will rework your ECU enabling your ride to gain 54.4 more horsepower, up to a nice 542.8 hp.

These impressive power gains were done on your run-of-the-mill gas, 93 octane. So if you use better fuel you might be able to squizz more donkeys in there. Apart from the extra oomph, the redone ECU also removes the speed limiting. And all you have to do is pack it up and ship it to Eurocharged. And pay them, of course.

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