BMW M5 Tuning

F10 BMW M5 Quartet

One of the most sought after product from tuning masters is the exhaust system. Be it for performance reasons or just for the mean new sound, fitting a new one is just popular.

So what happens when you take 4 F10 BMW M5s with aftermarket exhausts and make them sing?

F10 BMW M5
F10 BMW M5

Duncan Bonar asked the same question, and he also went for the answer. This local photographer got these vehicles together and put together a video presenting the different sounds of an M5.

The exhaust systems installed on the cars are from these high profile specialists: 3D Design, Akrapovic, Eisenmann Sport, and Meisterschaft. The powerful 4.4 liter V8 is impressive in its own right capable of producing a satisfying sound without the need of a new exhaust, but some people just need to modify. Now let’s just sit back and listen to what they sound like. Enjoy.

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