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F13 BMW M6 by Manhart

We just received news from the German tuner Manhart. It seems they are working diligently to bring into the world a new F13 BMW M6 project.

Called the Manhart MH6 S Biturbo, the new tuning project is set to hit the markets this summer.

Manhart MH6 S Biturbo
Manhart MH6 S Biturbo

The initial data we got on the MH5 S Biturbo suggests it is good for about 700 Hp (up from 560) and 900 Nm of torque. This is achieved through some ECU tinkering and installing some performance parts. Manhart also fitted a new exhaust system with downpipes, sports catalytic converter and a custom made end silencer.

Manhart MH6 S Biturbo
Manhart MH6 S Biturbo

The exterior of this F13 BMW M6 also exhibits the touch of Manhart’s wizards. The body kit will use a lot of carbon fiber for the vented hood, front spoiler, side skirts, rear diffuser and trunk lid. Manhart’s MH6 S Biturbo will sit atop forged alloy wheels and will have fitted a coilover kit.

The price for this new jewel is yet to be revealed, but I am sure the German tuners will have no problems selling this BMW M6.

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