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Famous E46 BMW M3 up for sale

After making front page on many a specialty magazines, and attracting the attention and envy of the huge BMW community, a certain E46 BMW M3 is up for grabs.

After seeing many stages of preparation, the final product is one of the best tuned M3s out there.

E46 BMW M3
E46 BMW M3

For starters, this E46 BMW M3 had a turbo kit fitted to it, making it the first ever E46 to have one. After a while, the bimmer turned white and its form changed thanks to a Asuka body kit, making it more aerodynamically fit for racing.

And that was not the end of it. The next evolution of the project presented another change of color, this time to orange, while also adding scores of performance mods. On the extensive list of offerings brought on this E46 BMW M3, we can mention stuff like HPF stage 3 turbo kit, intake manifold, intercooler and assorted parts. From RC Engineering a set of injectors were added while the body had more Asuka fitted to it (body kit and rear wing). A triple carbon clutch was provided by DS Giken and the coilovers came from KW Variant.

The list just goes on and on, and now the vehicle is available for 49.500 USD, and it is a fair price for this legendary E46 BMW M3.

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