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The M power symphony rolling out of Hamann

Birds of a feather flock together. Staying true to this saying, the BMW fan community is a close knit one.

And there is a certain pleasure when you spend time with other people that share and understand your enthusiasm. The members of the Flight Club know this too well, periodically organizing events and having fun.

BMW Convoy
BMW Convoy

Recently they took to their cars, and in a convoy of 30 M powered BMWs (M3, M5, M5 X6M) they visited points of interest in Germany. They had fun on the autobahn and in rest stops and even managed to get the attention of 2 tourist buses, that stopped and took pictures.

With most of them running aftermarket parts in their ride, including exhaust systems, the tunnels proved to be the most fun, with different soundtracks roaring all around. The exhaust systems from tuners like Akrapovic, Eisenmann, Remus, AC Schnitzer, Fab Speed, OEM or BMW Performance were also caught on camera after the convoy visited Hamann’s facilities.

So sit back and enjoy the sound of 30 powerful BMWs leaving Hamann’s parking lot.

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