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Bimmerfest about to start

Tomorrow, in Pasadena, California, all the BMW enthusiasts will get a sensory overload. Bimmerfest begins, bringing the hottest and fastest BMWs on the West Coast of the USA.

And being such a huge event, every tuner that takes pride in their BMW projects will set up camp and even a display booth.

BMW X6 with Vossen Wheels
BMW X6 with Vossen Wheels

Unless some vehicle stowed away for just such an occasion will make a sudden appearance, the center stage will be taken by the BMW 3 Series GT set to debut then, and perhaps the 800 Hp E92 BMW M3 tuned to extremes by ESS tuning.

But not all the companies taking part will have such a great car doing them proud. A bit desperate, Vossen sent out a call for any owners wearing their parts to offer their car for display on the Vossen booth. We wish him the best of luck in finding the best Bimmer out there sporting their merchandise, because they deserve to be appreciated for their quality products.

So, Bimmer enthusiast or even just tuned cars fan, if you have the opportunity, make your way to Bimmerfest.

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