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Dinan Stage 3 upgrade kit explained

When it comes to tuning, there are a lot of owners who prefer the products that company Dinan Motorsports provide.

And it’s not about the name, as Dinan’s Stage 3 kit brings quite a sensible increase in power for the BMW N55 engine.

BMW 335i With a Dinan Stage 3
BMW 335i With a Dinan Stage 3

Steve Dinan, founder of the tuning company, sits down and explains just what the upgrade kit is about. Following the N54 unit, the N55 six cylinder engine sports only one turbocharger, instead of two, while still delivering the same levels of power.

Consisting of a ECU upgrade, intercoolers and exhaust, the Dinan Stage 3 is able to take the 3.0 liter 6 cylinder N55 past the 375 Hp point, meaning a 70 Hp gain over the standard unit. The torque output is also increased thanks to this power kit, taking it to 542 Nm.

Currently the N55 engine is quite popular, being used on several different BMW models, like the 1 or 3 Series, so upgrading it can only be good business. More details on the Dinan Stage 3 can be gathered from the short video below.

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