BMW M3 Tuning

E36 BMW M3 tuned by EV West

A special kind of M3 has left the guys at EV West, bringing some electricity to the tuning industry.

Their older E36 BMW M3 got stripped down and then rebuilt from the ground up as an all electric vehicle.

EV West E36 BMW M3 Electric
EV West E36 BMW M3 Electric

Before Tesla proved everyone wrong, it was believed that a high performance electric vehicle was close to impossible to build. But then again, before the Veyron, everyone thought a 1000 Hp car was also impossible. So, as far as the electric vehicles go, it was believed the weight of the batteries would throw the whole car out of balance, messing with braking and stability.

Another issue with electric motor is the amount of torque they develop. While the power output on the BMW M2 is normal, 342 Hp, the torque outmatches most other engines, reaching 1.150 Nm. This is the reason why the E36 BMW M3 was fitted with a heavy duty roll cage to hold the old platform together.

This project showed once and for all that a competitive electric vehicle can be built, and the Pikes Peak challenge was the proving ground.

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