BMW M6 Tuning

Tuned BMW M6 laps Killarney

Having a tuned BMW is a nice conversation item in many circles, especially if the mods are on the aesthetic side.

But then again, if you like your ride to tear the road under it, then performance tuning is what you need.

Killarney Lap Results
Killarney Lap Results

The off side of any performance tuning is that you rarely get to take it to the max. Unless you can take it to the track. And that’s exactly what the next clip displays. It’s a nice BMW M6 that laps the Killarney Race Track in Cape Town.

As you can hear very clearly on the footage, the sound is provided by an Akrapovic exhaust system. Behind the wheel of the BMW M6 is ace test driver Deon Joubert, and he has some fun with the car. It’s as it should be with many tuned BMWs. The lap time of the BMW M6 is just below another bimmer, the M3 Frozen Edition, and above the Mercedes-Benz CLS63 AMG.

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