BMW 3 Series Tuning

BMW 3 Series project by JMS

There is another tuning kit out there for the popular 3 Series BMW, both the sedan version and the touring, courtesy of JMS.

There is not much to this project, but the essentials have been covered, with modification to both performance and looks.

BMW 3 Series by JMS
BMW 3 Series by JMS

JMS installed a front spoiler lip with a price of 299 EUR while also lowering the ride height by 55 mm at the front and 45 mm at the back. This was done using a new suspension coilover from KW with a price tag of 1218 EUR.

BMW 3 Series by JMS
BMW 3 Series by JMS

As an option, you can also get 20 inch Schmidt Revolution Gambit custom wheels, as long as you are prepared to pay 2599 EUR for them. JMS says that their tuning project for the BMW 3 Series will also include a sport exhaust system and an ECU upgrade. Unfortunately, details on there are yet to be revealed.

The modifications JMS brought to the BMW 3 Series do not really stand out in the crowd so far, and while the ECU and exhaust might hold surprises, I don’t think this one is a real masterpiece.

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