BMW 4 Series Tuning

BMW 4 Series tuning project imagined

The BMW 4 Series coupe is already a beloved machine, even if only a handful of people have had the pleasure of seeing it up close, and the release date is still some time away.

This new BMW 4 Series also caught the eye of tuners, who can’t wait to get their hands on one and start fiddling with it.

Tuned BMW 4 Series
Tuned BMW 4 Series

But until it will go on sale, enthusiasts can only imagine how they would improve on the already beautiful machine. Artist Jack Davies even tried his hand at putting the ideas on paper, and released his rendering of a tuned BMW 4 Series.

He started with the 435i version fitted with the M Sport Package, to which he applied carbon fiber front bumper, side skirts and fender outlets. He then lowered the suspension, applied a candy red paint and hoisted the car on HRE P43SC alloy wheels.

And although the BMW 4 Series is a good looking car on its own, the resulting tuned rendering is quite eye catching, too.

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