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E92 BMW M3 gets more carbon fiber from IND

Carbon fiber has reached a point where it is becoming cheap enough to be more widely used on vehicles. BMW’s i3 model shows this by using a full carbon fiber passenger cell.

This is possible in no small part thanks to research and development BMW did with the material, finding new ways to make it more feasible.

IND Carbon Fiber Door Panel
IND Carbon Fiber Door Panel

The tuning industry has been using carbon fiber for quite a long while now, and they, too, benefit from the new tech. The lightweight was even used by the guys at IND to make door cards for the E92 BMW M3. The tuner combined the carbon fiber with leather, for a better visual effect.

Although the practicality of using light materials is easily understood, there are a few drawbacks to these interior panels. For starters, the door pocket is now gone, leaving you with less storage space. Then there is also the question of money, as IND is asking for 3.995 USD for the carbon fiber panels. And on a final, more personal note, I am not really sure I enjoy the aesthetics of this product.

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