BMW 1 Series M Tuning

BMW 1M exhaust from Dinan

While the BMW 1M is not quite as liked when it comes to tuning like the M3, there is still a strong fanbase waiting for the next best thing from aftermarket specialists.

And Dinan Engineering delivered it in the form of a bolt on exhaust system.

Dinan Exhaust
Dinan Exhaust

Constructed out of high quality stainless steel, the Free Flow exhaust is built to fit just right on your BMW 1M. Besides the more aggressive soundtrack, the exhaust also provides a small boost in power, which is always welcome.

“Dinan’s goal has always been to improve performance without sacrificing reliability” said Steve Dinan. And to keep true to his words, his company also offers a new car warranty for every product they sell. For the exhaust tips, Dinan offers two choices: a laser engraved polished or optional satin black ceramic coated quad tips.

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