BMW M5 Tuning

Eisenmann F10 BMW M5 and E60 BMW M5 sound-off

There are several ways cars can compete with each other, and plenty don’t even require a track to do so.

For some, displaying the latest body kit in front of other to judge and admire can be just as rewarding as going around a track.

BMW M5 Sound-off
BMW M5 Sound-off

For others, even trying to deliver the best sound out of their ride can be a worthwhile challenge. To this end, several aftermarket features can be applied to the car. So there is where the sound-off competition brings people. This time, two Eisenmann BMW M5’s are facing off, namely the F10 BMW M5 and the E60 BMW M5.

Right off the bat you can tell which will deliver the most promising soundtrack, but if you are not convinced, there is a video linked below to put things into perspective. And while these kind of competitions are a bit more subjective, only the most stubborn of people will not grant the V10 engine its laurels.

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