BMW X3 Tuning

BMW X3 xDrive30d gets tuned by Hartge

Hartge have been cooped up in their shop for a while now, and for good reasons too.

When their doors finally opened, and when all the smoke cleared, the new product was revealed.


This time they came up with an engine upgrade for the BMW X3 xDrive30d, and it is quite capable. Said Bimmer has under the hood a six cylinder 3.0 liter diesel unit that manages to get some 258 HP and 560 Nm of torque in standard form.

Well, after Hartge was done, the beast now churns 309 HP and 670 Nm, making for a 51 HP and 110 Nm increase. In order to showcase the capabilities of the new engine tune, a video was also released. The tune really shines at higher speeds, as the 80 km/h to 200 km/h time was cut down from 25.42 to 21.14 seconds.

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